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    Dealer service
    We will provide high-quality products and perfect technical service to the dealers with the intention of cooperation.
     The company's products sales to a combination of direct sales and reseller channel sales, a warm welcome to the dealer with the intention to join co-operation in order to achieve technical advantages of the reseller channel and the company's products complement each other to achieve win-win cooperation. We will provide the dealer to provide comprehensive support services and excellent products.
    Against the dealer's service include:
    (1)All product details, a fine of color pages.
    (2) the full range of products, pre-sales technical support.
    (3)Detailed introduction and analysis of the industry and the field of product applications, products and knowledge training.
    (4)Sale of professional support to assist dealers in the bidding process, tender production, to answer the specific surface area and pore size analysis of technical issues in the bidding process.
    (5)to dealers at very competitive prices, to ensure that dealers and end-user interests.
    (6) provide a strategic framework agreement, complementary advantages.