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    Comparison between reference comparison method BET method

    作者:管理員       發布日期: 2015-08-12      點擊: 7804

    Compare item

    reference comparison method

    BET method

    Desorbed gas calibration

    Compare directly with standard sample peak area with known surface area, no need for real gas desorbed calibration.

    No standard sample required, use gas peak area of known set volume to calibrate the testing samples gas volume.


    Adsorptions peak areas of a sample and standard are proportional to their adsorbed gad volumes, respectively, therefore samples surface are can be obtained through simple comparison.

    Based on multi-layer adsorption theory, single-layer saturation adsorption gas volume can be derived by BET equation for surface area calculation. BET method is the most popular nitrogen adsorption surface area testing method.

     Testing gas

                                                Fixed ratio of He to N24:1

    High purity N2 and He, experiment need to choose various mix ratio.

     Application range

    Applicable samples which have similar adsorption performance to standards, domestically widely used in carbon black industry, not much use abroad.

    Applicable to all kinds of samples without micro-pores. This is internationally accepted method for various applications.


    Test accuracy varies depending on different samples

    Using standard set volume gas to calibrate nitrogen adsorption volume, this method enjoy high accuracy regardless samples varieties.

    Application area

    On-site product line monitoring, fast surface area testing.

    Research institutes, universities, enterprises for precise surface area testing

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