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    National for surface area testing

    作者:管理員       發布日期: 2015-08-12      點擊: 3284
        National for surface area testing 

        There are many standards for surface area testing in different industries, some were issued earlier with their theory accepted till now, but testing equipment is obsolete and substituted for more accurate and automatic ones. Nowadays BET method is widely accepted across the whole world, and domestically its most popular too. This standard is jointly issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the Peoples Republic of China, Standardization Administration of the Peoples Republic of China (SAC) in 2004, with its name as: Gas adsorption BET method for solid surface area testing, No. GB/T 19587-2004. This standard is comparable to the ISO issued ISO 9277:1995,NEQ. All products from JWGB are certified by these standards.

      For domestically used reference comparison method for surface area testing, it related standard is "Carbon black surface area testing-nitrogen adsorption method"(GB 10722-89). This method use standard to test, so it is accurate only if the testing sample has similar adsorption performance to standard. Since the popular standard is carbon black, reference comparison method achieves high accuracy for carbon black testing. For testing of different kinds of samples, data are not much reliable. Obviously reference comparison method develops from carbon black industry. With the development of nitrogen adsorption testing technique, reference comparison method gradually phases out, BET is more and more popular. Products from foreign companies in the market are all using BET method for surface area testing.

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